Thursday, June 28, 2007

Backpack with legs

I was thinking recently about me. Maybe I do that too much, but I was thinking about me in jr. high; if you're doing that, you're probably not going to get conceited. Anyway, when I started jr. high, I took my brother Jon with me to pick out my backpack. (More accurately, he took me. And Jon's always perfect for that kind of thing.)

I ended up getting a big ol' camping backpack, which doesn't make a lot of sense for school necessarily, but I knew no one else would have my backpack. And, at the time, I thought it was pretty cool.

I could fit basically my whole locker in there, which I did. And it was really big. One day, near the end of my jr. high career, when I was walking down the hall to meet my ride with a very full homework load, my French teacher came up behind me. When he passed me, he looked over to see the poor bloke that had such a large load. When he realized it was me, he exclaimed, "Vincent! I didn't realize that was you. From behind, you just look like a backpack with legs."

That's when I realized I wasn't ever going to be cool.