Monday, August 30, 2010

Imagine snuggling up in this.

I have a friend whose Mom makes quilts. Big, luscious, fluffy, handmade, beautiful quilts. And I love quilts. So. Much. I don't love quilting, but I should start loving it, because I want closets full of quilts.

So, given my love, it's no surprise that I've been begging for a quilt for years. Since before I graduated high school, I'm sure. I always got the answer, "My mom says she'll make you one when you get married." And yet? I persisted. What about for my 20th birthday? What about for college graduation? What about for my 25th birthday? What about for your wedding anniversary? What about a quilt celebrating my first house? None of these were successful.

And then, one day, not too long ago, my friend called out of the blue and said, "Ok. My mom said she'll make you a quilt now." And I died. Right then and there. I sent a few color palettes as inspiration and today, I learned that they're shopping for the fabric. AS I TYPE THIS! It won't be too long before I'm snuggled up in a quilt inspired by this:

(via Inspired Bride, but useful for quilts, too?? In fact, I love her color palettes for pretty much any reason. They're so... well... inspiring.)


I'm A. said...

Jealous. Seriously jealous. I too love quilts. And look upon those who have a quilting family member with envy. B's aunt made Caroline a quilt and it is the first one I have ever owned. I cried when she gave it to me (or Caroline).

That color palette is GORGEOUS. Maybe we should take a quilting class. And I'm serious. I don't actually WANT to quilt. But I want to own quilts. And that seems like the only possible way...unless I just go purchase already made quilts. But, it's not the same.

I'm rambling. All this to say...JEALOUS.

that one girl said...

peach, you should take up quilting. it's really not that hard. plus, you'll have all the quilts you've ever dreamed of!!


e said...

Andrea- The cool thing about learning to quilt is that we could make each other quilts -- as gifts, because a gifted quilt is better than one you made yourself. I'm not speaking from experience, obviously; but it seems like a true principle. And? We'd hang out more. Double benefit.

Anonymous said...

E. I agree with all above stated points. So...I'm going to find us a quilting class and I am not going to let the fact that you are the busiest person I know deter me. -andrea via brandons blackberry