Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dressed in coffee bags

When I was in college, I had this job where I made coffee. Every day. For hours. I would grind it. Brew it. Serve it. Refill it. Rinse and repeat. All of our coffee beans came in these cool burlap bags. I always admired them and then we'd just throw them away.

On my last day in the office, I had a brilliant idea to make a skirt out of them and stole a bag with a tree frog on it. (You know I love me a tree frog.) BUT.


I never did anything with it.

The idea, and the burlap bag, just sat there. Through jobs. Through moves. Through trends.

And then, for some reason, this:

I finally made it.


Andrea Jolene said...

I also admire your brown belt. Well done on both fronts! Very impressed.

I'm A. said...

Uh...serious? I LOVE it. Maybe you should open a store.

Michemily said...

Gorgeous! Nice work.

e said...

Thanks, guys. I think I like it better in person than in the photo. And now that I've made one, I have a ton of ideas for what to do next time. Anyone want me to test out more ideas on one for them?

Sarah said...

It turned out so cute E!

Rachel said...

I heart this. So so so much. Do I tell you enough that you are amazing dear sister?